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Are you looking for a new job right now? Or do you have a job offer and are waiting to get start-ed? My Working Life shows you how to prepare for your new job and improve the ‘new joiner’ experi-ence. By working through the on-line resources you will get off to a ‘flying start’ - every time.
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Are you struggling to settle in to your new job? Or do you want to take charge of a difficult situation at work but don’t know how to? My Working Life shows you how to develop the skills that will make you stand out from your colleagues and take more control over situations that affect your work.
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Are you bored or unhappy at work? Do you feel that your cur-rent job could be improved - and offer better career progression – if only you knew how to make it happen? My Working Life shows you how to improve your employability skills and take control of your personal development.
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My Working Life is the place to come to when you’re not quite sure how to make the most of your current job or solve issues that are making your working day unbearable. Think of us as your independent Human Resource advisor providing 24 hour support!

The philosophy behind My Working Life emerged through the personal experiences of the founder, Jayne Gould, as an HR professional, manager, director and employee. This experience (combined with an aca-demic background in Occupational Psychology) will give you an insider’s view to personal development and business operations that will make a difference to your career.

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