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At My Working Life, we firmly believe that the most effective way to manage your business is to invest in the development of your team so that they work in an effective, motivated and self-directed way.

Be smart - invest in your staff and watch your business grow.


My Working Life gives you and your team the resources and skills your business needs to succeed.

Our online courses have been expertly tailored to enable your team to take responsibility for their own personal development. Our members have complete access to all of our courses, tools and resources, at any time and from anywhere.

Start Right

Teach employees how to plan and prepare for their new job - before, during and after the first day.

Approaching a new job in the right way can make all the difference to you and your employees.

Work Right

Would you like to show your employees how they can become more effective at their job?

By developing core skills employees need less management time - leaving you to develop the business.

Team Work

Building and maintaining an effective team can make all the difference to a business.

Learn about team dynamics and how to improve office morale, productivity and the bottom line.

The Business

Are you dissatisfied with the business acumen and customer awareness of your employees?

Improve the effectiveness of your staff by teaching them about your business and the environment they work in.

My Working Life Blog

Discover the latest in business trends, tools and techniques for personal development, job skills and motivation.