My Working Life - Hello!

I’m often asked why I am so passionate about career management - showing people how to take more control over their working life, improve their job satisfaction and add value to the company.

It started when I worked in Human Resources and could see quite clearly the difference between good employees and exceptional employees. The latter took a very proactive approach to work - they knew where they wanted to go and what they had to offer. They also knew how to ask - for training and development; the chance to work on new and exciting projects; and for promotions and pay rises!

This self-awarenes and proactive approach was often learnt. They had parents, or an experienced, older friend (or colleague) who acted as a mentor, who would teach them the essentials skills that made them take control over their Working Life.

When I started career coaching many of my clients came from this group of actively supported people - often with parents who were prepared to pay for professional help to give them the foundations they needed for a successful and happy career. It was not long before I wondered who was helping those people that didn't have support at home or work? How could I reach the people that needed the help the most?

And so My Working Life was born.

As well as having a passion for helping employees become more proactive and in control of their working environment and long term career I have an interest in the 'future of work'. Changes in technology, advances in neuroscience and behavioural psychology, the emergence of new products and services and economic and political influence - all affect the way we work at a pace never seen before. So, to help its members we are also watching, and reporting on, emerging industries and careers allowing members to stay on top of their own career development. Content will be reviewed and updated to reflect changes in the business world and potential career opportunities.

Membership of the MWL site is for any employee although is primarily aimed at those new to the world of work. By working through the courses members learn how to be an effective and more fulfilled employee.