Skills Audit

In the first blog in the series about the content of the MWL website we are looking at the Skills Audit course. This was developed to help members understand what skills, knowledge and experience they have to offer.

Business owners / managers are often distracted by day to day activities needed to run their business or department. This can mean that they will focus on what is needed TODAY including what support or development you need for the long term.

Your manager is the person who decides what you need to know to do your job.

But what if we turn this on its head?

Why not let the employee decide what support or development is needed? By taking responsibility for their personal development and learning how to ask for help when it is needed the outcome can be positive for everyone - freeing up the managers time to do their job and giving a positive message to all that you understand the business needs and how you can help by taking responsibility.

Your development actually starts before your first day at work. Completing the skills audits when you are still in education will help you:

  • choose the right career
  • help you build an accurate and useful CV
  • help you answer interview questions more professionally

When you start work you will also have a better understanding of the support and training that you will need during your induction. As you settle into your job the skills audits information will also help identify future development needs. The information you gather should feed into your review / appraisal meetings - showing your manager your skills audit work will let them know that you are proactive, self aware and willing to take responsibility for your own development. 

Even when you are more established in your career each job search should be seen as part of your career management activity.  When you decide to look for a new job you can review and repeat the skills audits to:

  • include a review of long term career goals
  • re-writing your CV to include new or developed skills
  • compare to current job trends / news to make adjustements to long term plans if necessary

This section is at the heart of My Working Life - all other courses and modules rely on the information you gather in this course. If you haven't signed up yet - go ahead now and find out who you are!!