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At My Working Life, we firmly believe that the most effective way to manage your career is to take responsibility for your own development.

Each course covers critical employment skills, expertly tailored to give you the resources you need to develop - any time, any where.

The content has been chosen following expert research into the skills that are most sought after by employers. By focussing on these critical (and tranferrable) skills you can enhance your career opportunities and job satisfaction. 

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Skills Audit

My Working Life will help you gain a better understanding of your skill set and how this can shape and support your career. This course will help you learn about your own skills, knowledge and experiences allowing you to identify learning and development needs for your job and your future career.

Personal Development

My Working Life provides the means for you to improve your value as an employee and get the maximum benefit from each job you do. This section will help you develop your own skills, knowledge and experiences allowing you to improve your job satisfaction, job performance and future career.

Business Knowledge

To be really effective at work employees need to pay attention to the business environment. This means understanding the organisation you work for and the industry you work in. By developing this knowledge you can influence day-to-day activities and decisions that affect the business.